Book Blitz: The Rose Who Blossomed Through the Concrete

  Christian Fiction, Women's Fiction Date Published: November 22, 2022     Oblivious and unconcerned with what was happening, I allowed the pitfalls of life to form in what I thought was a perfect garden. I learned that you cannot mend a spiritual wound with human tools. Thus, God left my garden covered by concrete. The Rose Who Blossomed Through the Concrete calls on girls, women, and mothers to hone their failing faith into spiritual growth and healing. The power of this novel lies within the heart and soul of the author, Rosemary, who uses her testimony to inspire each of us to view our choices and our consequences as new opportunities to draw us closer to God, find our purpose, and blossom.   About the Author Ms. Rosemary Oglesby-Henry is a native Cincinnatian. Rosemary started her adult life as a teen parent but used her struggle, strong faith in God, social support, and self-motivation to heal and help

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